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The ULTA Store Project Gallery


This project profile is not just an energy savings story.  It is about the creative challenges that the store owner was faced with replacing three different types of FL fixtures throughout each store and how ATTAINLED was able to provide a cost efficient and easy to install solution.

The facility managers at ULTA retail locations across the US were faced with the challenge of reducing energy costs throughout their retail displays.  One of the main problems they faced was that throughout each location, there were at least three different types of FL products being used.  They needed a retrofit solution that would enable them to reduce energy savings, minimize installation labor costs  and provide a fast ROI.

AttainLED provided an energy efficient 120V Undershelf LED luminaire that easily retrofitted into the existing displays reducing energy use from 21W down to 10W per shelf with better light output and lower maintenance.  By being able to simply retrofit,  the plug and play fixture allowed ULTA to utilize their existing maintenance staff to install the luminaires versus hiring an electrical contractor.


PRODUCT: Linear Under Shelf Line Voltage LED Luminaire

ENERGY SAVINGS: 21W down to 10W per shelf


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